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Participatory Choirs and Events

Worship Service, “All Things New” with Kyle Pederson, Lee Nelson, G. Phillip Shoultz, and VocalEssence Singers of This Age

Please come and be renewed in spirit as we explore the theme of "All Things New." This service is intended to resonate whether you have a particular faith background--or none at all. Service elements will include singing, story, and multi-media...and you'll have the chance to hear some new choral repertoire with Phillip Shoultz and the VESOTA high school choir, and Lee Nelson and the ICDA Worship Chorus, facilitated by Kyle Pederson.


Conducting Master Class with Bruce Chamberlain

Volunteer members/attendees of ICDA will have the opportunity to conduct and receive feedback from master teacher, Dr. Bruce Chamberlain. Conductors from seasoned veterans, 1-3 year teachers and present collegiate students (either grad or undergrad) are encouraged to apply for a time slot. Session attendees will form the choir.


Director's Choir with Jake Runestad

You will have the opportunity to sign up and volunteer for this group as part of your registration. Jake Runestad will be teaching us a number of his works, to be performed on Thursday morning. The program includes Let My Love Be Heard, Come to the Woods, Wild Forces, and Please Stay, as well as Mac Huff's arrangement of You Will Be Found. Sign up to be a part of this fabulous performance!

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