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Welcome to the Iowa Choral Directors Association!


If you are a member of the Iowa Choral Director Association and are logging into this new website for the first time:

  • Click Log In. Old login information does not work. You must click Sign Up to gain access to the new site. The Webmaster will verify your membership and admit you to the members-only pages of the website.

  • If you have requested membership after your membership has lapsed or you renewed recently, please email and attach the receipt and/or a screenshot of your membership card to verify renewal. This would also apply if you are a scholarship recipient receiving a complimentary membership.

  • This website is only for choral directors who are members of the American Choral Director Association. Parents of students and students are not allowed access. If you applied by accident, please email and simply state "Disregard my membership request".

  • Upon approval, you will receive and email to verify your ICDA District instead of your school district. Please contact and state the ICDA District in which your school is located: NW, NC, NE, C, EC, SC, SW, and SE.

After approval please take time to:

  • Update your profile with pictures, bio, and information you would like shared.

  • Follow categories and discussions in the forums.

  • Enjoy the new features and connecting digitally.

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