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Iowa All-State Show Choir Registration 2024
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Dietary Restrictions:

Participation Agreement:

As an accepted student into IASC24, I agree to attend and fully participate in all rehearsals and the final concert; be responsible for learning and performing all selected musical materials, and be an ambassador for my home choral program. I am aware that being selected is an honor, and I will respect myself and others throughout the learning process. If you agree, please sign (type) your full name below.

Emergency Medical Treatment

Please select the option below that applies to the program:

Consent to Emergency Medical Treatment

In the event that my child/ward, ________ , (participant)

requires medical attention, I hereby authorize and consent to emergency medical treatment for my child/ward while participating in a program, conference or camp at Central College. The program administrator or their designee has my permission, in an emergency if I cannot be contacted, to take my child/ward to the emergency room of the nearest hospital, and the hospital and its medical staff have my authorization to provide treatment which a physician deems necessary for the wellbeing of my child/ward.

I hereby authorize and consent to non-emergency minor first aid for my child/ward while enrolled as a participant in the program, conference or camp at Central College, as deemed necessary by the program administrator, counselors and/or Central College medical staff.

Payment Options:

1. Individual Total Payment:


Cost per Show Choir student is $381.50 total - includes lodging, meals, t-shirt, and musical scores


Cost per Show Band student is $206.50 total - includes lodging for Sunday night, meals, t-shirt, and musical scores


Payments may be made online only (more information ON REGISTRATION FORM)


2. Individual Installments:


June 9: First Deposit of $150.00 (Show Choir) and $100.00 (Show Band) is due for accepted students - **first deposit is non-refundable


​June 23: Second payment of $125 (Show Choir) and $50 (Show Band) is due or remainder

July 7: Third payment of $100 (Show Choir) is due and $50 (Show Band) is due 

**If student cancels their participation after July 1, refund will take place except  - first deposit ($150) is non-refundable*



Payment can be made using the payment portal.

Thanks for registering. Make sure to use the other form for payment.See you there!

If you have already registered for the All-State Show Choir and are making a payment or multiple payments use this portal to make payments:

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