Iowa Choral Directors Association
R&S – Junior High/Middle School Great Literature

At our roundtable I mentioned five songs that Sue Hunter did with our 8th graders this year that really worked well and that I’d never heard of before. Check these out:

  1. Cantar!
    Althouse, SAB
    Alfred Publishing # 19310
  2. Cantate Domino
    Althouse, SATB
    Alfred Publishing # 7700
  3. I Am A Small Part of the World
    Albrecht & Althouse, 3-part mixed
    Alfred Publishing # 4743
  4. I Am But A Small Voice
    arr. Coates, SATB
    Shawnee Press # A-1644
  5. The River Sleeps Beneath the Sky
    Lightfoot, 3-part mixed
    Heritage Choral Series # 15/1305H