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R&S: Junior High/Middle School

Things for Your Classroom

Motivators & Energizers

When I sense that my students are getting restless and are having trouble focusing, I will play a little game with them to get blood running back through those adolescent bodies and minds. We sing through “My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean” — I think the key of G works well for this age. Then we sing through it again with the singers alternately standing/sitting on each “B” word. It’s fun, makes them laugh, and is a positive way to re-engage singers in the choral process.

See more motivators/energizers at this web site.

Download this compilation of energizing ideas from middle school/junior high teachers on Choralnet.


Interdisciplinary Projects

As promised at our meeting during the ICDA convention, here is a list of project ideas with corresponding point values for interdisciplinary applications. Thanks to Mr. Chris Crawford, Mason City H.S. Social Studies teacher who shared this with me. Have fun!

Classroom Management

Download this compilation of classroom management ideas from middle school/junior high teachers on Choralnet.


Choral Rubrics

Download this compilation of choral rubrics from middle school/junior high teachers on Choralnet.


Thoughts on Solfegge

Download this compilation of thoughts about solfegge from middle school/juniot high teachers on Choralnet.


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