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R&S: High School Choirs

Octavo of the Month (February 2006)
Mike Walag, ICDA High School R&S Chair

I Often Dance

Gary Hallquist (Keith Hibbs, text)
Carl Fischer CM8938
SATB, keyboard (optional flute)
Medium Difficulty, 3:00

Dance is the key element in this lively, rhythmic piece that literally dances with exuberance and optimism of life. Categorically sacred (it refers to God as “He” throughout), it speaks of joy, anticipation and love.

The meter is 6/8 with much rhythmic drive, syncopation and accent. The melody is very singable and contagious, harmonies are traditional, and the texture is homophonic throughout except for one four-bar ostinato section (one part adds to the mix on each successive repetition) that builds up to a modulation into the final chorus. Soprano range is temporarily high (g and a).

I think this piece would function well as a finale for a concert or festival.
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