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R&S: High School Choirs

Octavo of the Month (September 2005)
Mike Walag, ICDA High School R&S Chair

Done Made My Vow to the Lord

Traditional Spiritual, arr. Moses Hogan
Hal Leonard 08744711
SATB divisi/a cappella
Medium to Difficult, 2:40

What a find!  Here is another fine arrangement of a spiritual, with the Moses Hogan standard of excellence. The treble parts have the melody in 3-part harmony above a bass/tenor rhythmic obbligato in four parts, which provides an emotionally moving rich harmonic texture for this spiritual.

The overall form is strophic with a solo in call and response style alternating with the choir in the middle section of the piece. The texture of the final verse uses the tenors (divisi) to add another layer of texture and more rhythmic interest to the accompaniment under the treble voices.

The text is hauntingly prophetic of Moses’ life; i.e. “Done made my vow unto the Lord…..I will go, I shall go to see what the end will be.”
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