Iowa Choral Directors Association
R&S – High School Choirs

Octavo of the Month (8th in a series)
Mike Walag, Iowa High School R&S Chair

from Messe-Credo, K. 257

W. A. Mozart, ed. Patrick Liebergen
Carl Fischer
SATB (CM8780)
SAB (CM8781)

Duration: 2:00

This would be a great piece for a small high school choir at contest or to introduce singers to Classical period literature. It is rhythmically up-tempo (quarter note=112), with easy homophonic part writing (soprano melody) and terraced dynamics. There is an English translation, but I would recommend using it to introduce singers to the Gloria text in Latin, which is not difficult. You can also use the Latin text to teach syllabic stress. If you have limited male singers (or no tenors), use the SAB arrangement. The piano accompaniment should be quite accessible to a high school accompanist.