Iowa Choral Directors Association
R&S – High School Choirs

Octavo of the Month (7th in a series)
Mike Walag, Iowa High School R&S Chair

I Seek a Journey

Gwen McLeod Hall
Hinshaw Music (HMC1925)

Duration: 2:15
Medium Difficulty

This is a great piece for graduation or homecoming. It can be performed a cappella or with piano accompaniment (which requires a skilled accompanist). The composer has made every effort to re-create the natural rhythm of the beautiful text in a truly rubato style, which she describes as moving from an innocent genesis to a peaceful, hopeful ending. A good deal of text painting has been used, especially in the sweeping piano part.

There is some divisii in the vocal parts and some mild dissonances in the harmony, but the parts are not difficult. Synchronizing the rubato rhythms will probably be the greatest challenge in performing this piece. There is a great climax in the last verse set to the following text, “My life, my song here, sing joy and sing pain. Though sunlight glistens only after rain. When all my seeking clamors to an end, my heart, my soul look toward home again.”