Iowa Choral Directors Association
R&S – High School Choirs

Octavo of the Month (6th in a series)
Mike Walag, Iowa High School R&S Chair

I Have Had Singing

Ron Jeffers
earthsongs (S-193)

Duration: 1:15
Medium Difficulty

This original by Ron Jeffers is based on a childhood recollection of Fred Mitchell in the book Akenfield, Portrait of an English Village. The text speaks of growing up in Suffolk County, England, as a child, and knowing only work, never pleasure. But, he speaks of the only pleasure that he experienced being that of the singing. “Boys sang in the fields, and at night we all met at the Forge and sang, and the chapels were full of singing. When the first war came, it was singing, singing all the time. So I lie; I have had pleasure. I have had singing.”

This is a beautiful homophonic setting — short, intense, and reminiscent of a fanfare with rich harmonic progressions. The octavo has all three voicings presented.

Here’s the best part. Send a request to: They will provide copies free!