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I am excited to be serving as the bass clef choir R&S chair. My name is Kelly Truax, and I teach 7th, 8th and 9th grade men's choirs at Prairie Point 7-9 in the College Community district in Cedar Rapids. In addition to regular grade-level men's choirs, we also have several a cappella barbershop/doo-wop choirs and small groups.When I started teaching (a really long time ago :), I never imagined that I would end up teaching middle school . . .and certainly never imagined teaching just guys. What a surprise and delight it has been to discover how amazing middle school men can be when given the chance to shine! Working with middle school guys is exciting and challenging and extremely rewarding; my goal is to pass what they teach me along to you!

Please let me know if there is anything I can help with. For me, finding interesting and quality music for young men's choirs is both a challenge and a joy. I'm happy to share titles that have worked for my guys and hope to be able to suggest music that can work for yours. Although my focus will be on younger men's choirs (7th-10th), I'll also be seeing new publications suitable for advanced groups. Send me a message, and I'll pass those titles on to you.


Kelly Truax
Bass Clef Choirs R&S Chair

Men's Choir Events 2014-15



No events scheduled at this time.

Repertoire List

Repertoire Lists -- these two documents have been immensely valuable to me! If you are looking for repertoire ideas for HS men, these lists are brilliant places to start! :
-Truax's Song Recommendations
-Truax's advice for young men's choir

Helpful Web Site
Prairie Point Choir website
(https://sites.google.com/site/prairiepointvocalmusic/home) This is my school choir website. I'm sharing it because it is sometimes helpful to hear performances of suggested repertoire performed by real-live-middle school guys instead of by adult professional singers(so many demos use pros, and the song sounds completely different when sung by kids.) Our performances are VERY FAR from perfect, but might be helpful in some way to you. Performances by my guys are on both the "Concert Videos" page (concert choirs) and "Select Choirs" page (doo-wop/barbershop groups.)