Together, let us work to further the cause of choral music in Iowa

  "Song Go On ..."

  "Song go on, touch the part of me that's closed to all, save music,
  Find the voice that's silent, yet can sing.
  Make of me a vessel, holding melody's reward,
  Savoring the sounds that unlock hearts.
  Strike my soul with tones to lift men's minds.
  Song go on -- and make me whole."

                  Sandra Chapman, Fort Madison, Iowa


Weston Noble

These are the first three words of a poem written by Iowa music educator, Sandra Chapman of Fort Madison.  Sandy knew well the transformative power music has over the minds and hearts of young performers and their audiences.  A great challenge is looming on the horizon for those of us in the music education field.  Increasing demands on classroom teachers are occurring as uncertain economic times may threaten to cut staff, facilities and programs.  In the coming years a large number of teachers will retire from the profession and many positions will need to be filled.  The training, mentoring and encouragement of this new group of music educators is an important matter, one in which we all can have a part.  The “song must go on” and we can assist in carrying it into the future. 

In 2004, ICDA established the Weston Noble Endowment Fund, a permanent savings vehicle for our nonprofit institution.  Any interest earned in this fund is not subject to tax, and all donations are tax-deductible.  As a general rule, principle funds will remain invested and only the interest will be spent.  The ICDA Endowment Fund is managed by a committee comprised of the Executive Committee (President, President-Elect, Past President and Secretary/Treasurer) as well as other ICDA members. 

In 2012, ICDA Endowment Fund Committee invested part of our funds with the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation.  As a result, contributions made to this account may qualify the donor for additional tax savings known as the Endow Iowa State Tax Credit.  In addition to the regular federal charitable deduction, donors may receive a credit on their Iowa state taxes in the amount of 25% of their gift.  You may make an online donation to this fund by clicking the button below. 

You may also make a donation to the Endowment Fund by sending a check, payable to: ICDA Weston Noble Endowment Fund to Joleen Woods, 209 Oak Ridge Drive, Mount Vernon, IA 52314-1585.  Gifts mailed in this fashion are tax-deductible however would NOT qualify for the Endow Iowa Tax Credit. 

Interest generated by these endowment funds will be used for several purposes.  Initially, these funds will be used to provide scholarships to the ICDA Summer Symposium for Iowa vocal music educators who hold a signed contract and have 0-2 years of teaching experience.  It is imperative that we get these young educators to our symposium, giving them access to the experience of the outstanding presenters and bringing them into the network of the many wonderful teachers within this state.  Other projects are being planned as funds are available.  Please consider making a contribution to the future of choral music in our state.  Together, let us work to insure that the “song will go on.” 

Millie Youngquist

  Click HERE to donate on-line and receive the 25% Endow Iowa Tax Credit.  (The on-line version of the   
Weston Noble Endowment Fund is called the “Iowa Choral Directors Association Foundation Friends
   Fund.”)  This site allows you to designate your donation as a memorial to a specific person if so desired. 

  If you wish send your donation by mail, and still get the Endow Iowa Tax Credit, make your check payable
  to The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation.  In the memo of your check write “Iowa Choral
  Directors Association Foundation Friends Funds.”  If you wish to make a memorial gift, write the name of
  the individual there also.  Mail to: 
       The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation, 324 3rd Street S.E., Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

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