Travis Walker

Dear colleagues,
Thank you all for your support for SW District Chair. I am very proud to represent SW Iowa. I am proud of our contribution of quality choral music and activities we produce in Southwest Iowa.
Now that I have a little over a half a year under my belt, I have confidence that this will be a banner year for SWI.

Travis Walker
Southwest District Chair

Adobe PDF File Fall Letter

Southwest District Events 2014-15
Tuesday Aug 26

Fall Meeting
Mulligan's Country Club in Atlantic
5:30 social hour, 6:30 order dinner
We will also be making important decisions! I hope you can join us!

Saturday Sept 13

Pre-All-State Clinic
8:15 to Noon --- Thomas Jefferson High School C.B.
8:15-8:30 Registration
$25 for ICDA members, $35 for non members Make checks to ICDA, Inc. PLEASE bring money with you!


Sept 22

Opus deadline for audition recordings On-line registration this year.

Saturday Oct 25

All-State Auditions


Nov 8

Iowa Central Community College, Fort Dodge


Nov 20

Nov 21-22

Opus Concert
at CY Stephens, Ames

All-State Festival in Ames


Jan 29, 201

High School Honor Choir
Registration Postmark Deadline: Friday, Jan 10
Guest Conductor, Dr. John Wiles  

  • Gloria in excelsis deo, Joseph Haydn; Earthsongs
  • Exultate Justi in Domino, Ludovico Viadana, CPDL:
  • Oba se je, arr. Wiles; (my work computer had administrative ID problems and I'm waiting on IT to address the issue.  Hopefully will send PDF ASAP!)
    Stand Together by Jim Papoulis
  • Go Down Moses, David Eddleman, Carl Fischer

 7p.m. Concert – Guest Choir IWCC and or UNI Concert Chorale

Adobe PDF File Information and Registration Form
Adobe PDF File Repertoire List to come
JW PEPPER - Southwest Iowa ICDA High School Honor Choir
Adobe PDF File Oba se je SATB
Adobe PDF File Oba se je Percussion
Adobe PDF File Directors Notes to come
MUSIC TRACKS mp3 files

-Exultate All mp3
-Exultate alto mp3
-Exultate bass mp3
-Exultate sop mp3
-Exultate tenor mp3

-Gloria All mp3
-Gloria alto mp3
-Gloria bari mp3
-Gloria sop mp3
-Gloria tenor mp3

-Moses All mp3
-Moses alto mp3
-Moses bass mp3
-Moses sop mp3
-Moses tenor mp3

-Oba 2 sop beg and end mp3
-Oba all beg and end mp3
-Oba all parts unision M w/o leader mp3
-Oba alto beg and end mp3
-Oba bari beg and end mp3
-Oba bass beg and end mp3
-Oba leader and other parts m. 10 mp3
-Oba Leader Meas 10 mp3
-Oba Sop beg and end mp3
-Oba tenor beg and end mp3

-Stand All mp3
-Stand alto mp3
-Stand baritone mp3
-Stand sop 1 mp3
-Stand sop 2 mp3

Tuesday Feb 17

Middle School Solo/Ensemble/Large Group Clinic
Woodrow Wilson Junior High School, Council Bluffs
Adobe PDF File Information and Registration Form
Adobe PDF File MS Adjudicators Ballot to come


March 10

Elementary 5-6/Middle School 7-8 Honor Choirs
Treynor High School
Elementary Director -   Rachael Wragge
Accompanist: Elsa Casey
Junior High Director  Dave Heuple
Accompanist:  Christine Skog

Elementary 5-6
Listen to the Rain (Albrecht)
Ribbons in the Sky (Beck)
Chumbara (Perry)
The Happy Wanderer (Moeller)
I'll Stand By You (Huff/from "Glee")

Middle School 7-8
Ticket to the Kingdom, SAB, Donald Moore
Come In From the Firefly Darkness, 3 part, Amy Feldman Bernon
Three Contemporary Latin Settings, 3 part, Jerry Estes
Stray Cat Strut, 3 part, arr Kirby Shaw

Adobe PDF File Director's Notes
Adobe PDF File Director's Notes- 5/6
Adobe PDF File Information and Registration Form

JW PEPPER - Southwest Iowa ICDA 5th-6th Grade Honor Choir to come

JW PEPPER - Southwest Iowa ICDA Elementary Middle School Honor Choir to come

7-8 MUSIC TRACKS - m4a to come
Ticket to the Kingdom - to come
Come In From the Firefly Darkness - to come
Three Contemporary Latin Settings - to come
Stray Cat Strut - to come

5-6 MUSIC TRACKS - mp3 to come
Listen to the Rain - 2 pt
Listen to the Rain - alto
Listen to the Rain - sop
Ribbons in the Sky (Beck) - to come
Chumbara - 2 part
Chumbara - alto
Chumbara - sop
The Happy Wanderer - 2 pt
The Happy Wanderer - alto
The Happy Wanderer - sop
I'll Stand By You - 2 part
I'll Stand By You - alto with solos
I'll Stand By You - sop with solos


Feb 25-28

NC-ACDA Convention
Salt Lake City, UT

  May 15 Outstanding Showcase
ISU in Ames
Wed July 27-30

Summer Symposium in Mason City