2013-2014 Executive Calendar

Board Meeting Dates
July 21 Full ICDA Board Meeting - Mason City -
September 14 Full ICDA Board Meeting - Newton
November 23 Full ICDA Board Meeting - Scheman Building, ISU Ames
January 4 Full ICDA Board Meeting - Conference Call
April TBA Executive Board Budget Meeting - location TBA
April 26 Full ICDA Board Meeting - location TBA Final Report Due at this Meeting
July 21 Full ICDA Board Meeting - Mason City

Sounding Board Deadlines
Issue Submission Deadline
1 July 15
2 September 15
3 December 15
4 March 15

Event Dates
September 7 Pre-All State Rehearsals
November 2 Fall Symposium (Collaboration with Mentoring, IAAE, IBA, IMEA & ISTA)
November 21 OPUS 2013 Festival and Concert, CY Stephens Auditorium
May 14 Outstanding Performers Showcase, ISU, Ames
July 21 -25, 2014 40th Annual ICDA Summer Symposium

Opportunity Deadlines
September 25 Deadline OPUS Honor Choir Audition Recordings On-line Submission
November 1 Deadline ICDA/ICF Application Choral Commissioning Competition
April 15 Deadline for Nominations for Robert McCowen Award
May 1 Deadline for Scholarship/Research Grant Applications