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Iowa All-State Jazz Choir 2007

Audition Information

Please prepare the following for the audition:

a. Major
b. Natural Minor (1, 2, b3, 4, 5, b6, b7, 8)
c. Chromatic
Students will sing three scales, both ascending and descending, in swing style, sung on syllable ‘doo-ba’ or ‘doo-vah’
      Tempo:  Quarter note = 92                   Sung a cappella 
Soprano begin on ‘e1’; Alto begin on ‘a’ (below middle c); Tenor begin on ‘e’; Baritone/Bass begin on ‘G’

Students will sight-read two short examples; melodic and rhythmic.  The melodic example will be diatonic in a familiar key, start on the tonic, and contain few chromatic notes.  Any method may be used, including solfege, numbers, or neutral syllable such as “la”.  The rhythmic example will be clapped in swing style.  Any method of clapping and/or counting may be used.

Students will prepare and sing their part on a portion of  “Whisper Not”, arranged by Michelle Weir.  This cut is available on the ICDA website on the All State Jazz Choir page.  Music does not need to be memorized.  Accuracy in pitch and rhythm, as well as tempo and style, will be graded.  Auditions will be a cappella. 

Each performer should bring to the audition the appropriate Aebersold CD containing their solo.  Because the recordings do not provide the performer with a key center or a beginning pitch, the student or the adjudicator is permitted to play the tonic chord on the piano in which the tune is written before the performer begins.  Volume 22, 23, 25, 41, or 107 of the Aebersold series may be used.  The solo is to be sung only twice through no matter how many times the rhythm section has recorded the changes.  The first time through the interpretation should be close to the original material (some individual interpretation is acceptable); the second time the student can lyrically, melodically, and/or rhythmically embellish the existing material, or use scat syllables or use a combination of the above.  It is important that each performer demonstrate their entire range during the prepared solo, especially the second time through the tune.  The performance will be sung into a microphone and the adjudicator or center manager will start and stop the audio machine.  This solo must be memorized.  Solos may also be accompanied on piano ONLY if needed to be sung in a different key than the CD accompaniment.  Only selections from Volume 22, 23, 25, 41, or 107 are allowed and the same structure and form are to be used as the above instructions allow.
Students will be given beginning pitches and tonal centers by the adjudicator for all audition materials.
Only the selected solo will be sung into a microphone; students may hold the mic in hand or use it on a stand.  All other material will be done acoustically.

Aebersold solo series is available at the following music stores: 
-Youngerman Music, 8561 Hickman Rd, Urbandale, IA, 50322, 515-244-5518, or 1-800-310-5518, or through their website at
-and Kephart’s Music Center, 126 E. Water Street, Decorah, IA  52101, 563-382-3684 or 1-800-369-9633, or through their website at
Registration fee: is $20 per singer.  Complete the enclosed registration form for each singer and include fees.  Postmark deadline is December 14, 2007.  An audition site schedule will be sent to each participating school by January 4, 2008.   Results from auditions will be sent to all who auditioned whether selected or not by February 15, 2008.

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